Missions is the goal of discipleship and is the God given goal for every believer.  Jesus said that we are to GO and make DISCIPLES of all nations.  The purpose of making disciples is not to increase one’s knowledge of the Bible, but so we can prepare believers to be a part of the greatest task we have, a task that is at the top of God’s priority list for believers, to take the Gospel to all people that they may put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ; so they may be a part of those who will forever bring passionate glory to God for all of eternity!

Our missionary efforts must start in our own homes and extend outward with those God has placed in our lives in relationships at work, our neighborhoods, our schools and every other area where we have the opportunity to be in relation with people.

People are best reached through relationships rather than programs.  So, our primary way of helping others become disciples of Jesus is by doing the hard work of investing time in building relationships with others.  It has been said, we should not invite someone to visit our church until we have first invited them to sit at our table.

We also are called to be actively involved in taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth.  We do this by our financial sacrifices, by praying for those God has specifically called to go serve among different people groups and by taking mission trips to go and serve and support vocational missionaries in different communities in our own nation and in other nations.