MOPS KIDS is our childcare program that takes place during our meetings so that you can enjoy your MOPS experience while your children are placed into the loving and dedicated hands of our staff.  Your child will experience a preschool like setting with age appropriate activities to foster their development in a fun and engaging way.  Newborns to kindergarteners can be enrolled.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do I need to bring with my child?

A: A sippy cup/drink for your child, extra diapers and wipes (if necessary) and a change of clothes. Make sure to label  your items.


Q: Can I bring my newborn into the MOPS meeting with me?

A: Of course! We welcome all newborn little ones who still need to be close to mom. Once children hit the six month mark, we ask that they become enrolled in our wonderful MOPS KIDS program.


Q: Where is the MOPS KIDS location?

A: In the Nursery area of the main sanctuary building.


Q: How soon can I drop my child off for MOPPETS?

A: Childcare begins at 8:55 am and ends at 11:55 am.


Q: Do the children receive snacks during MOPPETS?

A: Yes, your children will receive a snack time during their stay.


Q: What types of activities will my child experience?

A: Children will participate in planned Bible-based activities such as stories, crafts, music, and play that will help them develop a personal relationship with Jesus.