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Our purposes at Westport Baptist Preschool are two-fold. One is to offer to our community an early childhood program of the highest standards. The other is for children to hear of God’s great love for them. Through our program we provide learning experiences in a loving, Christian environment. The preschool board of Westport Baptist Church governs our program.


Our Curriculum

     Because God creates each child unique, we provide a wide range of learning experiences for our children. Bible stories, manipulatives, creative play, gross and fine motor skills are part of the learning process from MMO’s through Transitional Kindergarten.   

  • Letters and sounds, tracing, writing, letter recognition, numbers and counting is begun in the 2 year old class and emphasized further in the 3 year old class by adding numbers through 20, patterns, relating objects to amounts.

  • The 4 year olds and Transitional Kindergarten class give students a firm grasp of the above stated as well as emphasizing short vowel sounds, reading and reading enjoyment.

  • Our Transitional kindergarten program takes the curriculum a step further by taking all of these skills to the potential level for mastery by the end of the preschool year.

  • Outside play, free play centers, teacher directed centers, music, seasonal programs; arts and crafts are also a large part of our preschool year.